Prior-Ollquist donates hair to Locks of Love


Zoe Vital, Staff Writer

While many members of the student body and faculty took part in various activities to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, English teacher Jennifer Prior-Ollquist donated 12 inches of her hair to Locks of Love.

“I’ve always wanted to donate my hair,” said Prior, who added that this was the first time she’s had short hair in her lifetime.

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that takes hair donations to create wigs for children with medical conditions like cancer that cause hair loss. The goal of the organization is to give patients a sense of self-confidence after suffering the effects of losing their hair.

Prior-Ollquist had a personal connection with the matter after several family members passed from cancer. Most recently, her aunt who passed away in March of 2012.

However, she waited until after her wedding to cut and donate her hair. She chose Locks of Love because she felt it was the best organization and felt comfortable with the cause.