Class of 2017 votes for freshman officers


President of the freshman class Tyler Nowakowski poses.

Ben Taylor, Staff Writer

The freshmen election polls are closed and the results are in: Freshman Tyler Nowakowski is president, Sullivan Kennedy is Vice President, Gabirelle Picard is Treasurer and Madelyn Periera is Secretary.

All four candidates ran uncontested and were elected in mid September.

Nowakowski is “very excited” about being the president of the class of 2017.

“As president of the class of 2017, my main goal for this year is for each member of our class to have the best year possible. In order to achieve this goal, I plan to communicate with my peers and bring their ideas to the other class officers. In addition, I plan on planning a fun field trip for our class, and I am definitely open to any suggestions,” said Nowakowski.

Kennedy said that he will come up with the best field trips possible such as maybe going to New York, Boston or maybe just going to Six Flags to hang out for a day. He wants to be vice president because He knows that he can think about all of his peers before of just thinking about himself.

Picard believes that she will make these four years the best years she can, by being open to any suggestions by her peers and her fellow class representatives.

Last but not least Pereira said, “I’m organized and I will listen to everyone’s thoughts.  I will effectively communicate with the other class officers.”

Felicia Robare a freshman in Ludlow High school told the Cub what she thought about what they should do for their peers.

“They should make these four years memorable for all of us.”