Crowley and Theriault win prom king and queen


Seniors Brian Crowley and Deavan Theriault were elected prom king and queen

Stacia Papuga, Staff Writer


Ludlow High School held its 2013 Prom on April 27 at Chez Josef with over 350 students attending.

The week before prom, juniors and seniors nominated students for King and Queen and Prince and Princess during their English classes. The nominees for King were seniors Brian Crowley, Nate Dias, and Jordan Smith. For Queen, the nominees were seniors Deaven Theriault, Ali Leecock, and Alex Fransico.

For Prince, the nominees were juniors ZeCarlos Roxo, Cameron Labelle, and Derek Pashko. The Princess nominees were juniors Katie Jordan, Emelie Kalesnick, and Kirsten Noga.

The winners for King and Queen were seniors Brian Crowley and Deaven Theriault, while for Prince and Princess, the winners were juniors ZeCarlos Roxo and Katie Jordan.

An unexpected event took place during prom. Daniel Miller proposed to his girlfriend, senior Katrina Herring.

Overall, “The prom was a huge success. All participants arrived on time and the DJ did not stop playing until 10:59. The food was excellent, especially the ice cream sundae buffet station. Students danced all night long and by 11:15 everyone was headed home in their limos or fancy cars. It was a great night!,” said LHS Principal, Mrs. Lisa Nemeth.