Prom ticket sales end this week

Stacia Papuga, Staff Writer

The 2013 prom is only three weeks away and tickets are on sale during all three lunches until this Friday. If you do not buy your tickets before Friday, you will not be able to attend prom.

When you buy your ticket, you can also get a seating chart, which will be due Friday. Each table has to contain either eight, ten, or twelve people.

The choices you have to pick for a meal are chicken piccata, filet mignon,and a vegetarian dish. Chicken piccata is made with chicken breasts served with a lemon butter sauce and capers. Filet Mignon is a prime cut of beef with a caramelized glaze and onions. And the vegetarian dish consists of crepes, cheese quiche and pasta primavera served with grapes. Each meal will also be served with a twice baked potato and steamed vegetables.

Originally, one of the food options was the chicken duet of marsala and piccata but “at the food tasting, we didn’t like the marsala so we took it off the menu,” said prom committee chair Chloe Forrant.

So far, there are about 175 tickets that have been sold and tickets stop selling this Friday. For prom, the junior class prom committee expects about 375 people to come.

Voting for prom king and queen will take place next week during English classes.

“If everything goes as planned, it will be a great night” said Forrant