Juniors start planning for spring prom

Chloe Forrant, Editorial Editor

With spring being here before we know it, it is almost time for the day most juniors and seniors look forward to: Prom!

Prom will take place Saturday, April 27 2013 at Chez Josef banquet facility in Agawam, Mass. Prom is open to any junior or senior who would like to take part in eating the gourmet food offered and the hours of fun and dancing.

Students from other schools and alumni are allowed to come, as long as they fill out of a permission slip and the school signs them off as being allowed to come. They have to come with a date from someone at the school.

Underclassmen (freshman and sophomores) are also allowed to come, if a junior or senior requests their presence as a date.

According to Cangemi, “ There will be a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 23 for juniors planning to prom to discuss a theme, colors for decorations, napkins and center pieces, and food options.”