Holiday grams on sale this Monday

Jessica Sevigne, Staff Writer

It’s December, and that means it’s holiday season. The Cub will be selling Holiday grams at all three lunches starting Monday Dec.17 and ending Friday Dec.21, according to Lindsey Paradis, editor-in-chief of The Cub.

The grams will be distributed by Santa and his helpers on Friday, Dec.21 at the end of the day in seventh period. In order to get the card to the person, everyone must write the name of the person and their seventh period room number on the back.

“The holiday gram consists of a decorative card and candy cane and they each cost one dollar. Students can color and decorate the card anyway they like and even write a message inside,” said Paradis.

There are four different cards to choose from and each one was hand drawn by the photographer editor of the cub, Jillian Batista.

The Ludlow Cub has sold Holiday grams for two years, raising money for paper and supplies.