Mayflower Marathon comes to an end

Mayflower Marathon comes to an end

Lindsey Paradis, Editor in Chief

The Ludlow High School NHS collected non-perishable goods Nov. 20 for the Rock 102 Mayflower Marathon.

This year’s Mayflower Marathon was made into a “battle of the classes” event.

“I expected a lot, a really good response from the high school because we made it a ‘battle of the classes’ event, and usually the student body is really into ‘battle of the classes.’ But that didn’t work,” says senior and NHS Vice President Taylor Graffum.

NHS only raised about  $700 of non-perishables compared to last year’s $4,000. This is partially because other schools from the district were not allowed to donate because of a change in rules.

The monetary total of $700 was made up of 333 non-perishable items. The total of cans collected was made up of different amounts collected by each grade.

Seniors collected the most with 149 canned goods, followed closely by freshman who collected 137 non-perishable items.

The sophomores and juniors proved to be less successful than their fellow students. The sophomores only collected 35 canned goods while the juniors came in last with only 12 canned goods.

Graffum reflects on the classes that had little success.

“I’m a little disappointed, it’s really a shocker to see that some of the classes barely got any cans,” she says.