Ludlow High School hosts annual blood drive

Ludlow High School hosts annual blood drive

Senior Tyler Martins signs himself in at the Student Council desk before donating blood

Jordan Leal, Editor-in-Chief

Student council and the American Red Cross teamed together to hold the annual blood drive at Ludlow High School on Nov. 14.

Every year, student council sets a goal for 100 students at LHS to donate blood. This goal was set in the 1980’s when government teacher Brian Bylicki took over student council.

“We had 54 eligible donors this year,” said Bylicki. “We had a little over 100 kids sign up, so I was excited because I thought we reached our goal. Unfortunately, some students never showed, and 19 were not eligible to give blood.”

Bylicki said that most of the reasons why people could not donate was due to health-related issues.

“Tattoos, visiting other countries, sexual activity, are always some restrictions that affect a few students,” said Bylicki. “However, most students at Ludlow were [ineligible because they were] either underweight, had a low iron count, or the nurses were unable to locate a major vein in their arm.”

Senior Hannah Martin was one of the 19 students who were unable to give blood.

“My iron count was 11.8 when the minimum to give blood is 12.5. They tested me a second time on my other hand but it was still too low with only a 12.1 count.” said Martin. “I was really disappointed because I think it’s really important to donate blood. You never when someone you love, or maybe even a complete stranger, might need it.”

Student council co-chairs Alyssa  Fialho, student council treasurer, and Disha Patel, student council vice-president, helped publicize the drive and common information through various posters, bringing the date up to school board meetings, and having sign ups at lunch.

“The school as a whole was really active at signing up at lunch and wanting to donate to the Red Cross,” said Patel. “I am thrilled with the amount of participation that day as well, whether it be volunteering or donating.”

Student council is planning on hosting another blood drive this school year on March 6.

“I am hoping to have high numbers in school participation in March,” said Bylicki. “I’m always happy once we reach 100, but in a school with 400-plus donors, it’s always amazing to think we could have more.”