LHS gym classes increase in student size

LHS gym classes increase in student size

This seventh period gym class shows how overcrowded each class is.

Chloe Forrant, Staff Writer

Gym classes this year have ballooned to an average of “around 80” students, according to P.E department chair Rebecca Gauvin, forcing teachers to be more creative with their lessons.

The large class size is a result of an increase in Advanced Placement enrollment, additional electives, and grade-level DLT’s.

At times there are multiple classes sharing the gym with over 150 students at one time.

“There are over 100 students in my gym class,” said senior Alex Francisco, “It’s chaotic and overwhelming.” She said that it takes a very long time for teachers to take attendance and there’s no room to play four-square and basketball during “free time.”

Gauvin said the year will be “challenging” and the P.E teachers are creating different activities that would be more appropriate for larger classes.

Gym classes will no longer be able to do tournament-style activities due to the various schedules that students have. For example, some seniors this year have gym Mondays and Thursdays instead of Tuesday and Thursday like usual.

“On Monday’s I have gym with a bunch of freshman and sophomores,” senior Jordan Leal said, “On Thursdays I have gym regularly with juniors and seniors. It gets confusing between the different levels and different grades have different activities so it conflicts.”

According to Gauvin, because of the larger class sizes, it is going to be harder to play some games like volleyball and tennis, while activities like football and capture the flag will be easier.

“I didn’t know we would have to be this creative,” Gauvin says, “But it does allow students to have more opportunities in school.”