Juniors win “Maroon and White” day

Juliana Cavallini, Staff Writer

Every year it’s a known tradition to do battle of the classes spirit week before Christmas break.

Monday was Christmas colors, Tuesday tacky sweaters, Wednesday maroon and white, and Friday, class color.

Noticeably maroon and white is the most popular considering the fact a large percentage of the school participates in some type of sport or club to get the school color gear.

This week the seniors won on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday the juniors took first place with seventy six percent of their class wearing maroon and white.

Seniors came in second, sophomores third, and last place freshman.

Senior Stephanie Bryant states she’s happy for the eleventh graders and disappointed in our class.

“I’m not mad we lost, numbers don’t lie, hopefully next time more of our class will participate.”

She laughs and proceeds to make a loud announcement for the seniors not to forget to wear green tomorrow.

Junior Jake Zina is proud of his of his classmates for participating he says,”I think we really came together as a class and showed just how much school pride we have, and how competitive we can be in spirit week.”