New Student Council executive board appointed

Lindsey Paradis, A & E Editor

This year’s Student Council Executive Board is, “stacked top to bottom,” according to the new Vice President Steve Talbot. Talbot is joined on the board by President Emily Assarian, Secretary Laura Fanning, and Treasurer Kaila Grenier.

This year’s board contains all seniors differing from last year when Talbot was the only junior, serving as treasurer.

“I was the first non-senior [serving on the board] in a long time, so I think it doesn’t matter [that it’s all seniors] as long as the officers have commitment,” said Talbot.

These new leaders have commitment as Fanning, Assarian, Talbot, and Grenier have been serving on Student Council in one form or another all four years of their time here at LHS.

According to Talbot, “[This board] is the most capable group I’ve seen…I think all of us sort of agree that we want to be the vocal group, the ones that get stuff done.”

Talbot originally ran for President and was beaten by Assarian.

Talbot said, “It’s a little disappointing because being president has been my goal since freshman year, but you’ve got to lose to appreciate a win. I knew that Emily had just as good a chance as me, and she was just as good a choice. That’s the strength of our class.”

Both Assarian and Fanning won on their first attempts at office, while Grenier and Talbot made multiple attempts.

Student Council then elected junior Kara Baillargeon to represent the LHS body on the School Council. Baillargeon will serve on the School Council as the student representative.

Use the Student Council executive board members, and those who represent your class to make this school year what you want it to be.