Senior Show to be held at Belchertown High

Senior Show to be held at Belchertown High

(L-R) Seniors Megan Brousseau, Katy Kozlik, and Brianna Harris practice their dance routine for senior show in the F-wing hallway.

Samantha Godding, News Editor

The senior class of 2011 will be hosting their senior show, “The Lion Kingdom,” at Belchertown High School on March 19. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 15. 

With the LHS gym and auditorium being closed, the senior show participants have been rehearsing in Ms. Kathleen Marino’s room, the high school cafeteria, and Veteran’s Park Elementary School.

“It’s been a little difficult because where we’ve been practicing isn’t set up exactly like Belchertown High School,” said senior Richie LaRocque. “So we won’t know what it’s actually like until our dress rehearsal on Friday.”

The  Masters of Ceremony for this year are Zach Breault and Alexa Anselmo, Nathan Gregoire and Kaila Rosa.

This year’s show will include a musical duet with Megan Brosseau and Sergio Dias, and a dance number with Samantha Miele and Giana Manganaro.

The shows skits include a Spongebob Squarepants act called, “This Grill is Not a Home” starring Breault, LaRocque and Justin Batista. Other skits include the “Fashion Police of Ludlow” and “As School Match Wits.”

The boys will be dancing to “It’s Raining Men” and the girls will be dancing to “When I Grow Up” for the annual boys and girls numbers.

“I look forward to it being a solid show. We’ve faced a few setbacks, and we’re running on a short schedule, but we’re certainly going to do our best,” said Breault.