How to Find a Valentine and Make Their Day Special


Tea Goncalves, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to find that special someone or even get that someone a gift. It might seem difficult to make the day special, so here are a few tips to make it the best V-day yet.


The Date

Finding the right Valentine is key to having a good day. You want to make sure it’s someone who you actually care about, and you definitely want to impress them!


Dress to impress

The first step to finding a date is looking good. Take some extra time to brush your hair or use some fancy fragrances. Make sure not to go too overboard or become someone you’re not, but it’s definitely good to put in a little extra effort.


Plan it out

It is better to be prepared rather than try to come up with something in the last second. Plan out how you’re going to ask your date to be before you do it. If you’re stuck on where to go, think of who you’re asking. Some people like witty actions, others like sentimental, movie-like gestures.


Be confident

No matter what you do, it’s important to be confident. Your future Valentine will be impressed by confidence and will have a hard time saying no. Just make sure you don’t come off arrogant, because that is a big turn off.


The Gift

Once you secure the date, you’re halfway there. The last stop is what present to buy. Everyone is different, so it is definitely going to depend on the type of person you’re buying for. If you’re stuck here are a couple ideas for different types of people.



These types of people are pretty easy to buy for. If they’re creative there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make something yourself, or find some nice art. They’ll probably enjoy personalized gifts, such as picture frames or decor items. Feel free to put your own spin on it. If you’re not an artistic person, then you can always buy them some new paints, brushes, or even a new camera to help with their own creativity.



These people will enjoy anything and everything fashion related, from a new piece of jewelry, to a sassy pair of shoes. Other girls will enjoy a new makeup brush or the newest eyeshadow palette. Just pay attention to what they own so you don’t get something they already have.



While most people enjoy eating, this date takes the enjoyment to a whole new level. These people would greatly appreciate a gift card to a new restaurant, a new snack to eat, or even a date to their favorite place. A box of chocolates with a sweet card is always a good way to go!

Now that you have the date and gift, you can have a romantic Valentine’s day. Just remember: you don’t have to go overboard to impress anyone.