Alex Nicoll: The most controversial character at LHS


Zachary Klimek, Guest Writer


When speaking of politics or important world matters in Ludlow, you will almost definitely hear the name “Alex Nicoll” once or twice.  As a student who is very into politics and the state of the world, his open opinions on said matters spark controversy everywhere.  While some people agree with his opinions and support him on his journey into the world of American and global politics, others do not.

As a Republican, his thoughts on the way America is currently being run initiate controversy among many residents of Ludlow, especially those that identify as part of the democratic party.

Alex Nicoll first gained interest in politics in the 2016 election when President Trump ran against Hillary Clinton.  Being in 4th / 5th grade at the time, he began to look into everything that was occurring.  While he watched more and more of the debates, speeches, and such, he began to develop his own opinions on the matters which would later make him infamous in the Ludlow community. His opinions on both the candidates, as well as their policies, shaped over time as he developed a “sense of duty and public service” over the matter at hand. 

 “Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to serve the public, whether it was being a pilot or in law enforcement, but I ended up liking politics after I researched it a little,” he said, adding that “Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election, really solidified my interest in politics”. 

He took inspiration from political figures such as President Trump, Charlie Kirk, Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, and a current candidate in the Arizona election, Kari Lake.

He says that being in the “Liberal State” that is Massachusetts, his conservative opinions have been largely unwelcomed by most. 

“Getting involved in conservative politics, it would be very hard to get past the state levels,” said Nicoll. 

 He believes that he has a lot more to offer the American people at the federal level, and hopes to get there one day. 

Not believing that it could be achieved in his hometown of Ludlow, Massachusetts, he began placing his gaze on other states, or specifically, Arizona.  Two years ago he began researching where he wanted to attend college. He made the ultimate decision that whatever college he went to, he would move to said state and run for office.

 He placed his view on places like North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and South Dakota. The one state that piqued his interest, however, was Arizona. In February of 2021, he met the future candidate for Arizona state governor, Kari Lake, who was still at the time just a news anchor.  They really connected when they met, and when she started her campaign for governor. 

That’s when he really got involved in the politics of Arizona.

It then became his state of choice where he plans to go to college, then later run for office. Unlike in the town of Ludlow, Massachusetts, his opinions on topics such as the presidency, abortion, and global affairs would be more welcome in the state of Arizona. 

Nicolls is not afraid to express his opinion. One of his classmates, Luke Sunderland, states that he thinks “he is very passionate about his views” and that he doesn’t disagree with them, but he wishes that  “his every word and thought wasn’t about politics”. 

Nicoll receives quite a lot of hate from some of the town of Ludlow residents. Not just from the people at the Ludlow High School, but grown adults have expressed frequently that they do not agree with his opinions.

 Nicoll states that it is “100% your right to disagree with his opinions” and respects that since that right is protected by the US Constitution, which he is a firm believer in. What he does not respect, however, is the nasty comments and the threats that he receives for expressing his opinions online and in person. 

Alex believes that it’s wrong to institute violence toward the members of the opposite political party, even if you disagree with them.   However, he does not let the hate deter him from his future goals. Driven by the importance of politics and the effect it has on not only the present, but the future as well, he hopes to build a society with good leaders.

 “Without people like me and other young people in the conservative movement stepping up, I think our country could be lost and I don’t wanna see that happen,” he said. 

With all that being said, Alex has accepted an internship from the future governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, and has been assisting her in her campaign.

  From Instagram posts, to Tik Toks, to even appearing in person, he has been doing everything in his power to support and help Kari rise to the seat of governor.  His future plans after college include running for governor of Arizona and from there, the presidency. 

“Nobody can become president without the will of the American people behind them,” he said.

 He also believes that he is able to achieve his goal, and would like to start locally and statewide in his future home of Arizona, then move his way up to congress there. 

“Hopefully with enough instilled trust from the Arizonans, and the American people in general, I will be nominated as a Republican nominee for president of the United States”. 

He also believes that he has a good and strong conservative base to do so, as well as having the people that know him and his beliefs that support him.

 In closing, Alex believes that he is the best choice to run our country one day. I believe that Alex Nicoll has nothing but the best interests in mind for the future of America, and I hope that if he makes his dream a reality, we will have a better future in store for America as a whole.