Peter Vamosy accepts position in Amherst

Dillon Pereira, Staff Writer

As many students have heard, Mr. Peter Vamosy, the beloved teacher of many, has accepted another teaching position in Amherst. After teaching at LHS for 18 years, this change is no joke. All students at LHS know Vamosy for his distinct upbeat and exciting presence, something impossible to replicate. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that he will be missed in the halls at Ludlow High. 

Hearing the news of his move, I thought I might write a page on his legacy at LHS. When I asked him about it he seemed enthusiastic and willing to talk.

Mr. Vamosy started at LHS in 2004. He wanted to go into teaching to help kids because he struggled a lot at school when he was a kid. Vamosy wanted to inspire every student, but, in particular, he wanted to help other kids who might be in his shoes. His desire to help students was one reason why he was so interested in special education services.

When I asked why he was a history teacher, Vamosy said that his love for history started as a childhood activity. With a father in the military, Vamosy grew up surrounded by politics. His love for it only grew from there, and with it came his aspirations to share his passion for learning. Vamosy loves to study the development of people, particularly how people have changed throughout the years. With his studies Vamosy hopes “people will continue to be good and do good.” Despite his fascination with humans through the ages, he loves to study big historical events. 

Through the years he has come to the thought that “the most important thing school can teach a student is literacy,” and it’s something he aimed to incorporate into his classes with projects and reports. 

Vamosy loves all the memories created in his time here. Some students fondly reflect on his time managing the Ping Pong club, something he did for 7 years. Vamosy is also an avid supporter of the school’s GSA club where he would often make appearances. Besides managing and supporting clubs, Vamosy also enjoys many different hobbies, including gardening, hiking, and skiing. In his free time, Vamosy also enjoys tapping into his musical inclinations and playing the guitar.

I asked what he felt about all this and why he was leaving, he said it was an opportunity to serve his local community, Amherst, where he is raising two children. He is also a ski coach at his new school. He was also hopeful for new experiences and opportunities. This is not to say that he won’t miss anyone, he warned me that he will miss the faculty — who were a joy to work with. Vamosy also said that he will miss the students at LHS, and he thanks them for making his last year at LHS a memorable one. Vamosy loves seeing his students grow, and it’s his favorite part of teaching. 

Mr. Cass has replaced Vamosy and is “doing a really great job” according to my classmates and myself.

Mr. Vamosy wants to thank all of the teachers, administrators, and students at LHS for his wonderful time here. More than anything, “I have no regrets,” Vamosy said, “It’s been pure fun.”