Meet the Candidates: Isabella Fernandes


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

Running for president of the class of 2023 is Isabella Fernandes, the current secretary of the junior class. The role of president has always been something Bella wanted, but was too scared to do. This year, Bella took the leap and decided to go for it: she wanted to make a difference and offer a new perspective. 

Like many other candidates, Bella understands the importance of multiple perspectives. Offering a new point of view can be vital in the success of a class. To Bella this rings true both for the student council, and student body. She wants every student’s voice to be heard when they have an idea, because she knows it will only make the class stronger. 

However, participation has always been an issue for the class of 2023. In Bella’s opinion, “everyone settles into their own group and we don’t connect.” Bella wants the class to be more united, because it allows the class to have more fun. If Bella was elected, she’d have more events to build unity, boosting participation in spirit week and field trips. 

Bella also has many ideas of events for next year. She’d love to have another movie night, both as a fundraiser and a class event. That way, the class would be able to lower the cost of field trips while also building unity. Bella also would love to plan a class picnic to help build unity in the class and allow for students to connect with each other senior year. 

Bella has also played a key role in planning this year’s field trip to the Palisades Mall; but she’s interested in going to Salem, Boston or New Port next year. However, it’s most important to her to listen to where the class would like to go and plan a trip from there. 

More than anything, Bella knows that, if elected, she will be a fantastic leader next year. More than that, she whole-heartedly knows that “representing all of you would truly be an honor on my part.”