Meet The Candidate: Malina Dinis

Meet The Candidate: Malina Dinis

Rory DiVenuto, Health & Wellness Editor

Sophmore Malina Dinis is running for relection as the class of 2024 president. She has high hopes for the year ahead and big plans for her grade. 

“High school is a very important time in our lives and I am honored to be a part of shaping it into the experience it’s meant to be,” said Dinis as she emphsized the importance making Ludlow High School a safer environment for all students. She also hopes for all of her classmates to feel welcomed in the school. 

Dinis has many plans for the future of the class of 2024. She affirmed that there were many fundraisers and field trips planned for the 2022-2023 school year (additional information will be provided from student council upon its gathering). Additionally, Dinis pointed out that prom is already booked at the Log Cabin for next year and many theme ideas are in the works!

Dinis plans to make the voices of all students heard by listening to any thoughts or concerns that may arise throughout the year. 

When asked why she chose to run for class president Dinis claimed: “I ran for class president because I feel I am a good fit for creating a base for our class’s high school experience.”

Dinis’ speech, given on March 29, 2022, focused on the achievements made by the student council in the past year and their plans for the future. 

“This past year we have created a variety of class apparel, hosted a successful holiday movie night fundraiser, and have witnessed much more participation from our class!” said Dinis.

She made sure students understood that her platform has a major focus on the importance of student voices, and the way it had a positive impact in the past year. She closes her speech by thanking her fellow students and asking for their support in her campaign.