Ryanna-Kelly Musambai runs for Secretary


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

Running for Secretary in the class of 2025 is Ryanna-Kelly Musambai. While she isn’t currently a part of the student council, Ryanna was Southwick’s school secretary when she attended. In fact, Ryanna has been in the student council since the sixth grade, something that’s given her the leadership skills she needs to do her job. 

Along with her leadership skills, Ryanna is diligent, attentive and hardworking. She puts her heart into everything she does, including running for secretary. Ryanna is running, not for herself, but to “work with people and for people.” More than anything, she wants next year to run perfectly, something she can achieve by being elected to the position of secretary. 

To achieve perfection in the to-be-sophomore student council, Ryanna wants to use her communication skills to her advantage. She wants to be “an open ear to the student body” and “a voice for those within her class.” Ryanna never wants an idea to go “unheard, unspoken or unnoticed.” 

Through communication with her classmates, Ryanna wants to boost engagement between the student body and the student council. If she was elected secretary, Ryanna would be the bridge between the two groups; to her, engagement is vital for the class of ‘25 to do so much more.

Besides being the student’s voice, if Ryanna was elected secretary, she’d also be in charge of documenting the council’s ideas. Ryanna is confident that she’s the best fit to do this as well: Mr.Mulvehill’s class has prepared her well for the job. 

In terms of her plans for next year, Ryanna wants to have more fundraisers. To her, fundraising is something that doesn’t just have to stop at Ludlow: it can go beyond LHS. If Ryanna is elected secretary, the school will be bigger than itself in terms of fundraising.