A Bewitchingly Good Senior Field Trip on October 28th


Lillian Przybyl and Michael Pedro

A Bewitchingly Good Senior Field Trip on October 28th

Attention Seniors! The time has come for our class to finally take our first-ever high school field trip. On October 28th, we’ll be heading up to the Haunted History of Salem Guided Walking Tour through a company called Haunted Footsteps and Salem Historical Tours. 

One of our editors, Michael Pedro, spoke with senior Sam Abdou to see how he felt about our upcoming trip. “I’m excited. It’s our first high school field trip”. We also spoke with Luke Morin about the upcoming trip. “I think it’s gonna be fun because it’s a far trip, and we’re seniors now, so we have more freedoms and I feel like exploring Salem will be fun.” Overall, the excitement seems to be high as the seniors gear up for their first field trip.

After the haunted tour is complete, students will be able to tour the town on their own to explore, shop, and eat. So, we’ve compiled a list of some witch-n’ good restaurants to help guide you through your trip. All are within a 10 mute walk; or a 5-minute broomstick ride. 

Boston Hot Dog Company



If you’re looking for high quality and affordable, the Boston Hot Dog Company is a go-to. For the past 15 years and counting, head chef Mike Denk has been serving customers “with gourmet hot dog recipes made to please your appetite.” Their menu offers 6 different styles of hot dogs, as well as 5 “specialty dogs.” They also offer salads and some scary good sides such as their Boston Baked Beans. 

Flying Saucer


Calling all pop culture fans! This New York-style pizza shop has a variety of specialty pizzas, all made to perfection. If you and your friends are looking to go classic, maybe the “Solaris” pizza is for you. If you wanna mix it up a bit, try their “Pickle Rick” or “Hog of Steel” pizza, each made with its own unique combination of toppings. If you’re just looking for something to drink, they also offer a variety of soft drinks and mocktails. Personally, I’m looking forward to the “Tiny Rick”. Club soda, lime, and raspberry syrup. 

Boston Burger Company


No matter what you’re looking for, “Boston Burger Company” is bound to have something for you. They work to offer an above and beyond experience with some of the most mind-blowing meals you’ll ever see. “Boston Burger Company” offers an array of burgers (duh), sandwiches, wings, apps, and the best part; the frappes. You might need a partner to finish one of their signature frappes suc as the “Churro-ly We can Talk About It” which is a caramel frappe, caramel and chocolate syrup, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, and topped with churros and a whole choco taco. 


Essex Street Pedestrian Mall

Just visiting this outdoor mall is enough to satisfy any tourist. The cobblestone streets and their beautiful architecture reflect the history of Salem. Along the path, there a variety of gift shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions. It’s easy to spend a day here and lose track of time in the wonders of Salem. 

The Covens Cottage 


This family-owned business has a wide variety of crystals, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items. Just visiting this store is an experience in its own. The staff is incredibly friendly and willing to help or just offer information to customers about their products. Lastly, their affordable prices make it a comforting experience for anybody. 

Salem Common

If you’re looking for a spot to rest, or maybe just get a few shots of the fall foliage, the Salem Commons is just a 5-minute walk away. This park was once used for milita training in the 17 hundreds, now it’s open to the public for people to enjoy what it has to offer. According to a public review, mock bands and food trucks tend to make appearances here for anybody to come and visit. 

Between the food, and the shopping, ghosts, and the food, I think it’s safe to say that this is gonna be a trip that our class is sure to remember. Happy Haunting! 

If you or anybody you know happens to visit any of these places, let us know! We’d love to hear what you thought. Or, if you went somewhere I missed, take some pictures and share them with me or another Ludlow Cub editor.