Students looking forward to fall festivities


Senior Catarina Sanches (left) and junior Rafaela Fernandes pose in the middle of the Randall’s Farm corn maze.

Sophia Furlani, Staff Writer

With fall slowly creeping in, many students have started participating in the season’s activities.

Whether it be apple picking, watching or playing fall sports, getting lost in a corn maze, or simply drinking apple cider, there is no wrong way to spend your day as fall arrives.

Some students around Ludlow High School cannot wait for the cooler weather to arrive, while others don’t want the hot weather to leave.

“Me and my uncle like to find colorful leaves and make collages with them,” says Junior Destiny Lavallee, adding, however, that, “I prefer summer out of all the seasons because I love hot weather and the beach.”

Lavallee isn’t the only LHS student who enjoys the fall foliage.

“I love fall because the trees are beautiful and the weather is great,” said junior Angela Hudyka.

With Halloween approaching, many students are making plans and getting ready for the spooky holiday.

“I am not dressing up or trick-or-treating this year, instead I am handing out candy to the kids,” Lavallee said.

Hudyka’s excitement for the holiday is slightly more llimited. “I am not looking forward to giving out candy to greedy children,” she says.

Although some students dread saying goodbye to summer, many people still find fun activities to do as the weather starts changing.

If you’re looking for some fall fun and you don’t want to travel far, Randall’s Farm has a few events scheduled the next few weeks, including a corn maze and pumpkin picking. They also sell the fall favorites: apple cider, cider donuts, and pumpkin baked treats.