100 Career Victories: Wrestler Dylan Beddow


Anna Belculfine, Assistant Editor

Dylan Beddow reached 100 career victories this season in wrestling as a Sophomore. This is an impressive accomplishment for Beddow, who is only in his second year of high school.

“I feel amazing and extremely proud of myself for getting my 100th win,” says Beddow.

Beddow’s main goal before entering the wrestling season this year was to achieve his 100th win. Toward the end of this season he was able to push himself and reach that goal. He trains hard for wrestling and continues to come up with goals and accomplishes them each year.

Wrestling all began 11 years ago for Beddow, when he use to live in the Town of Agawam. He followed in his older brothers footsteps, beginning his wrestling career at the age of just five years old.

“At first I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to wrestle,” says Beddow. “But, I was able to grow and I began winning a lot of matches and that was a good feeling so I kept doing it from there.”

Beddow admits that wrestling is a difficult sport to perform. The possibility of getting injured and the grueling daily commitment that wrestling takes can be difficult for the athletes. However, he fights through the pain and difficulty because of his love for what he does. Beddow enjoys competing, meeting new people, and making new friends and wrestling allows him to do these things.

“I keep pushing myself each day because wrestling is a great sport with great competition and sportsmanship,” he says.

When the wrestling team has a meet it can be anywhere from one hour to two and a half hours long. Tournaments however, take up a big part of the athletes day. Multiple teams compete during a tournament, compared to meets that usually only consist of one to two other teams.

“Tournaments take up pretty much the whole day no matter what,” says Beddow. “If you keep winning in that same day you keep moving on to wrestle other people and then eventually move to the finals.”

He adds that he does off-season training to gain more muscle so he can come back each season and go to more tournaments and win.

“I train by going off season to a camp or club that’s all season round,” Beddow says.

After high school, Beddow plans to go a college for wrestling. He has a dream to wrestle for Penn State. He believes that Penn State is a good college and would be a good college to wrestle for.

“My main goal is to wrestle for a college and continue to make and achieve more goals there also,” he says.