Simpson hired as full-time sub


Casey Lanza-Lang, Staff Writer

When Mr. Cangemi’s Journalism, American Literature, and AP students walked into class on Aug. 31, they didn’t see who they were expecting to see. Instead of finding Mr. Cangemi, they came face to face with Ms. Taylor Simpson. Greeting everyone with a bright smile and a kind hello, her presence was a cause of confusion for most students.

While the students may not have recognized her, it is very likely some of the staff did. She attended Ludlow High School, graduating with the class of 2012. After high school, she got her undergraduate degree in English at Elm’s College. Attending college right in Chicopee shows her desire to stay in the area, for now at least. Choosing to stay close to home, if you asked her, Ms. Simpson would admit that she’s very excited to be back at LHS as a permanent substitute.

“I definitely like it,” she said.

Ms. Simpson said that she knows most of the staff and it has always been a positive environment for her, thus making Ludlow High an ideal place to start her teaching career. Filling in for Mr. Cangemi while he was training with the Air Force turned out to be the perfect opportunity.

For Ms. Simpson, the Journalism class was the “biggest challenge.” Although she has experience writing one article for the Odyssey Online and another for Schmoop, she’s never been formally introduced to the subject of Journalism. Walking into the class with little knowledge, she walked out with a better understanding and a favorable opinion regarding Journalism as a whole.

“It’s a workshop atmosphere,” Ms. Simpson said. That aspect was her favorite part about the class.

The new students who also had limited knowledge of Journalism learned with Ms. Simpson. First year Journalism student, freshman Lara Cadete, thinks Ms. Simpson did a great job filling in for Mr. Cangemi and teaching her more about Journalism.

“She gave me good tips and advice on my article,” Cadete said.

On a more comfortable basis, she was also given a class on American Literature. The class is a mix of literature, nonfiction, and poetry, which are Ms. Simpson’s favorite parts of English. Her favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. With this admission, she also expressed her love for drama, which is a predominant theme in American Literature.

Stephanee Bouthiller, a junior in Mr. Cangemi’s Journalism and American Literature classes, agrees with Cadete that Ms. Simpson did a good job filling in for Mr. Cangemi.

“I think she is a good teacher,” Stephanee said. She believes Ms. Simpson will only get better and better as she continues her teaching career.

Back in early August, Cangemi was relieved to hear that Simpson would take over his classes for the four weeks while he was training in Mississippi.

“She was Mr. Rea’s student teacher last year and did an incredible job,” he said. “I knew the students were in good hands.”

When it comes to continuing her career, Ms. Simpson has confirmed that she will be staying at Ludlow High School for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year. She will continue to act as the building’s permanent substitute and you’re likely to see her walking the halls of the school everyday. Once this year comes to an end, she hopes to find a permanent teaching position at LHS, or at a school nearby. Meanwhile, you’re sure to find her somewhere in the school, ready to take over for any teacher who needs her.

When she’s not busy with school, you’ll be sure to find her attending musicals. Hamilton is her favorite. You may even find her reading some of Emily Dickinson’s poems or some Spider-Man comic books.

To sum up the persona of Ms. Taylor Simpson, she is an aspiring English teacher who has a wholehearted love for drama and reading, both of which will come in handy when her dream of becoming a high school English teacher finally comes true.