Spirit Week: A Ludlow High tradition


Jennifer Plamondon, Staff Writer

Over the past several years, Ludlow High School has held its traditional spirit week, which is coming up again during the first week of October. Spirit week consists of a new theme for each day of the week when the four classes battle to have the most people participate and earn the past points to be crowned Spirit Week Champions.

Spirit Week can be tracked back to 2009 when it week consisted of various dress-up days including one when students and staff dressed up as superheroes.

Science teacher Rachel Gullberg cannot forget the time when she humorously dressed up as the atomizer. “I had a blue doorway curtain as a cape and I also had an atom stitched onto fabric attached to my shirt,” said Gullberg.  

With the upcoming spirit week in October, Gullberg wants to remind her students that “spirit week is as fun as you make it.”

Advisors of all four classes have said that it is important for people to participate in the daily events.

Junior Nathan Navarro is excited that the upcoming spirit week will have plenty of diverse days. He does enjoy class color day which is done every year. This year class color day will be Wednesday, Oct. 5. On Monday students will don red, white, and blue for ‘Merica and Tuesday students be seeing double for Twin day.

The week wraps up with Tie Dye Thursday and Maroon Madness Friday.

Spirit week is only a small, but important portion of battle of the classes. Last year LHS held their first winter Olympic Games where students battled it out in a series of events to earn more points for their class.

Class of 2016 Advisors Kerry Valentine and Diana Sands love spirit week but really enjoyed the fact that the winter olympics brought all the students together and got more students involved that normally would not participate in normal spirit days.

Class of 2017 advisor Leah Cook enjoyed watching senior Billy Reno star in the dance battle to MC Hammer’s hit song U Can’t Touch This. Ms.Cook also wants to let the classes know that the seniors “have some plans brewing for spirit week” and that “ we’re obviously going to win”