How will you spend Halloween night?


Vanessa Medina, Arts & Editor Editor

Halloween is a tricky topic. Some view it as overrated and childish while others love the opportunity to go all out and glam themselves up for a night. I have options for everyone in search of what to do this Halloween.

Stay In

Staying in is always a great plan. You can go to Walgreens, buy yourself a bag of candy and settle in to some classic movies. An Alfred Hitchcock marathon, American Horror Story binge or some Disney originals like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. The best part of staying in, is hanging around in pajamas of course! Feel free to invite friends over for the movie marathons, though they should be forewarned of the homeless dress code. Whether you watch movies or hand out candy to kids, a relaxing night in is a low-key way to spend the night.


Trick-Or-Treating is obviously the go-to option for Halloween, whether you’re dragged along with a younger sibling or even go with a group, there’s something about the “take one” candy bowls that just screams “TAKE IT ALL!!,” or finding that one neighborhood that passes out full-sized candy bars, by the end of the night you’ll most likely have enough candy to last until Easter.


Halloween Parties are the perfect way to show off your costume skills, whether the whole party has a specific theme, or you do a couples costume or group costume, Halloween parties are another way to spend the night if staying in seems too boring. Plus its the only night of the year when Monster Mash is an acceptable song to play.

With all the different ways to spend the evening you just have to simply choose, there’s also a Ludlow Football game that night too so you could always head on over to LHS and show some Lion’s pride.Whatever you may decide to do on this Halloween, make it hauntingly memorable!