Team Chemistry is Key


Ben Taylor, Sports Editor

The Ludlow High School football team has been progressing every week. The Lions lost to Cathedral High School 28-7, but went on to beat Athol High School 28-0. The Lions are currently 2-2 in the season with new Head Coach Ray Saloio.

“We’re learning” says Saloio “we could be doing better and we’re not happy with where we are, but they are working hard.”

The captains are senior Running Back Brian Pacheco, senior Tight End Kevin Simmonds, and junior Quarterback Dan Rodrigues.

“Our team is like a family,” says Pacheco “we love our teammates and coaches and we get along very well.”

Being around their team and listening to music is what gets the team pumped up to win games.

“Our defense is getting there,” says Coach Saloio “we are very aggressive and getting better each week and our offense is good and very flexible; we just try to get mismatches and when we do, we try to take advantage of it. ”

Simmonds also had something to say about their defense.

“We’re fast, and we make strong tackles on defense,” says Simmonds “It comes from good coaching, discipline, and us wanting to be out there. Our offense is fast, and diverse.”

Before going to regular practice the team takes off their pads and sits down to do some homework, which the coaches call “homework help.” During “homework help,” the coaches help their players with their homework and projects for school for an hour, so no one gets behind academically.

The Ludlow football team hopes to have a more successful season than the last.