Two LHS juniors prepare for future military careers


Zoe Vital, Staff Wrtier

While many students at LHS look forward to future military careers, two students stand out: Marie Meak and Jacob Francisco. These juniors participate in Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

Civil Air Patrol is a federally funded program that offers the chance for young individuals to get hands-on experience with congressionally assigned missions. These missions consist of emergency services, aerospace and cadet programs.

Meak has always had an interest in flying aircraft and finally got her chance when a friend in the Air Force mentioned Civil Air Patrol. On August 21, 2009 she entered into the Civil Air Patrol Program.

Years later, Francisco entered the program. He became interested in the program because of Meak; however, he has always had a particular liking to the Air Force.

“I was interested because I want a career in the Air Force one day. This is a good way to acclimate myself for it,” said Francisco.
Meak and Francisco are advancing their way through the the ranking system of Civil Air Patrol. Francisco is a Technical Sergeant while Meak has earned the title of Chief Master Sergeant.

According to Meak, “You become a flight sergeant or take a position on our support staff.”

As a part of the program they have both benefitted substantially. Benefits include: leadership experience, new friends, military discount, aerospace and emergency material as well as volunteer hours.

Out of all the opportunities and activities Meak and Francisco were required to do, encampment was both of their favorites.

Francisco says that encampment is, “A week of boot camp, mock style, not technically as serious.”

Both wish to pursue a future career in the Air Force. Although each are aiming for different positions: Francisco a pilot and Meak a neurologist. The reaction from their families is about the same: proud and encouraging.

“Mine is pretty passive. Granted, a military career always comes with the fear of death, but otherwise they support my decision,” said Francisco.

Meak and Francisco are ambitious and excited to pursue their future Air Force careers after all the work they have put into Civil Air Patrol.

“I can’t say that I’ve regretted anything that I’ve worked for,” said Meak.