LHS star soccer player Michael Goncalves

LHS star soccer player Michael Goncalves

Zoe Vital, Staff Writer

Anyone who has been to a Ludlow High School varsity boy’s soccer game has seen number 7 running up and down the field. Only a junior, Michael Goncalves has the title of number one scorer on the team and number six in the league, racking up the charts with 19 goals and 7 assists totaling up to 26 points for his team.

Goncalves feels great and thinks of it as a privilege that he is able to help his team succeed. However, his team and coaches don’t treat him any different than they always have, he puts the pressure on himself to score.

With his success has come attention that he never had before not just from his peers and competitors but also local news. Goncalves was featured as Athlete of the Week on the local news station, Abc 40. However, Goncalves says he likes the attention. It makes him feel good that people recognize what he’s doing.

“My life has changed because I know a lot more people from soccer, and a lot more people know about me,” says Goncalves.

As the season goes on and his name is the hype of Ludlow soccer, pressure from competitors builds. He’s not just playing for himself, he’s playing for his team.

Goncalves says, “I try not to stress out because if I do I won’t play as good. I need to worry about my team and myself, not my competitors.”

Goncalves has spoken to a few interested colleges as a result of his achievements. For a guy who has loved soccer his entire life, he and his family are happy to see his hard work finally pay off.