Portuguese club walks at Rays of Hope

Shayla Costa, Staff Writer

The LHS Portuguese Club members gathered at the high school and carpooled to this year’s Rays of Hope walk for breast cancer at Springfield’s Forest Park. Members ZeCarlos Roxo, Nathan Ferreira, Jordan Martins, Christopher Martins, Alexis Pereira, Vanessa Nogueira, Meghan Pereira, Kayla Martins, Angela Catarino, Madellin Quiterio, Stephanie Ferreira, Shayla Costa, and Brooke Dias all attended with the company of Senhora Santos-Pontes, her mother, and Ponte’s two young sons. The members all met at the back of the high school at 8 o’clock in the morning on October 20th and made it to the event around 8:30.

Forest Park was a breathtaking and perfect site for this year’s walk. It was chilly, leaves we’re falling, and so many people from different towns were there to support the cause. The club was not the only supporters from Ludlow, the LHS Cheerleading team, the girls JV soccer team and many others from LHS were there also. At the main fundraising location where people waited until the initial walking began at 10, performers and music were playing. There were even clowns that you may have seen roaming around. Also, there were booths with free t-shirts, hats, and pens, but the club picked up long sleeves for its members.

At around 9:30, we began to walk amongst others who decided to do the walking earlier. As we started to walk to where the two mile and five mile routes are, we saw people outside houses giving performances, from men with their guitars to young teenagers singing Adele. The club chose to do the two mile route, which was a walk around Forest Park’s soccer fields. Everyone who came to support or perform were the friendliest people, all there to support the cause and have fun. As we walked around, there were people with stands giving out free water, pens, and even candy, and there were even some cheering us on as we completed the 2 miles.

The experience of getting to bond with club members and walk for a great cause felt amazing. So many people attended, proud to show their support for their friends, family, and anyone who has gone or is going through breast cancer. The members from the club who attended are all glad they got to be a part of the walk and got to show their pride and support for all survivors.

“It was nice, I enjoyed it,” Stephanie Ferreira, junior, said. Her friend Madellin Quiterio, also a junior, added “I thought it was a great time and the whole event was very successful.”