Jessica Olmo, a tough competitor in this year Josh Desforges challenge


Science teacher and Josh Desforges contestant, Jessica Olmo, trains for the event

Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

The annual Joshua Desforges Fitness Challenge this Thursday has gotten a great amount of participation from both students and faculty here at LHS. One participant this year who is looking to be some very strong competition for her male opponents is Ms. Jessica Olmo of the science department.

“I’m doing the challenge for 2 reasons,” said Olmo. “To honor Josh and keep his memory alive at LHS and also to encourage my students to be active and both mentally and physically strong.”

Olmo trains five days a week doing cardio and lifting weights. She admits that she has done no special training for the fitness challenge itself, working out and being fit is just a part of her lifestyle. Based on the size of her biceps, it seems as though no special training was necessary for her.

Having had participated in the fitness challenge last year, Olmo has an idea of what to expect. “I’m excited nervous,” she said. “I just don’t want to let my students down!”