How to shop smart during the holiday season

Alexis Gamache, News Editor

The holiday season is among us and that only means one thing– shopping!

Finally having a job I am able to buy my loved ones gifts with my own money. However saving and spending every paycheck I’ve earned doesn’t make me feel too “comfy and cozy.”

Although I enjoy buying Christmas gifts, I’ve been saving this money for months, which is exactly why this year I watched what I bought and made limits for myself.

If you’re anything like me, you take the value of a dollar seriously and make sure you know that you’ll be getting the best deal possible.

I’m always looking for a bargain so when my friend told me she wanted a new sweater I automatically went to Macy’s.

Not only do I love the Christmas decor of Macy’s during the holiday season, but the fact they send coupons almost every week to members of their rewards club makes the deal that much better.

You don’t even have to be a rewards member. The moment they ring you up they give you an additional 20% off anything you purchase.

The sweater that was originally $25 turned out to be $18, so not only did I save but I had money left over to add on to her present.

One place I go, for not only shopping for myself but shopping for Christmas too, is Forever 21.

From trendy scarves to beautiful bags, they never seem to dissapoint, with the overwhelming choices, you’ll be sure to find something you’re looking for.

But what I really think of when I think Christmas is snow, Christmas classics on tv, and hot chocolate.

For just around five dollars, you can get a pre wrapped mug and hot chocolate set just waiting to be given away.

However, if your family is anything like mine, making baked goods during the holiday season is like a religion.

Why not put them on a platter and make a beautiful set of pastries for your loved ones?
Christmas is a time for giving, it’s the thought that counts. When spreading your holiday cheer you don’t have to break the bank.