Twitter is the new black

Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

With the fall of Facebook due to its new layout, annoying newsfeed, and stalker-friendly tools, it seems as though more and more users have made Twitter their one and only social network.

Whether you look to Twitter to learn what’s going on in the world via trending topics, see what’s on your friends’ minds, or stalk Adam Levine, Twitter seems to have something for everyone. From the president of the United States, to our very own athletic director, everyone seems to be “tweeting” now.

These days, accounts aren’t only for people. There are twitter accounts for your favorite shows, teams, stores, and companies.
Stores such as Victoria’s Secret, The Gap, Marc Jacobs, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, are all on Twitter. Many of these stores even tweet coupons and special offers for their followers to redeem.

Mr. Brillo’s and his @LionAthletics account provide the latest news and updates of any LHS sporting event. ESPN, Sports Center, colleges, and even your favorite professional teams are all also on Twitter to keep you informed on what is going on in the world of athletics. Any sports fan would also appreciate @TheFakeESPN, a parody account that satires athletes and sports headlines.

Rapper Tyler The Creator, comedians Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh, actor Will Ferrell, and blogger David Portnoy, are some of the many hilarious celebrity accounts.

A good laugh can also always be found when scrolling down the page of Bad Luck Brian, The Crazy Girlfriend, or Condescending Wonka, and you’ll learn something new everyday with accounts such as Mindblowing Facts and Uber Facts.

There are numerous accounts that satire certain issues.

“I follow @FatKidProblems because, well, you know why,” said senior Ernad Minic. “The other day they tweeted ‘Nacho Doritos or Cool Ranch? #FatKidProblems’.”

Other relatable accounts such as Athlete Problems, Senior Problems, White Girl Problems, Men’s Humor, First World Problems, Boston Girl Problems, and New England Problems will have you re-tweeting your whole life story in less than 140 characters.