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Go take a hike


Hiking is one of the best ways to leave the civilized world behind, even if it’s just for a little while. What better time to do it than in the fall? The leaves are changing to beautiful red and orange colors, and you can see some really breathtaking views. It’s also a great way to refresh your mind and body.

Going hiking is a good way to get in shape and condition your muscles, and you can also have the experience of your life. For example, if you’re hiking up a mountain, of course you’re going to be tired but there is no better feeling than reaching the top and seeing the amazing view.

One of my favorite places to hike is Facing Rock in Ludlow. The entrance into the woods is right down the street from my house, so it’s easily accessible. It’s about an hour to an hour and a half hike, and at the top there is a giant rock and a huge clearing. You can see Ludlow and as far as few towns over from us.

Another great area to hike in is anywhere in the Holyoke Range. There are so many different trails and they’re all so beautiful. Look for the Horse Caves, Mt. Tom, and The Notch. Some of them are very steep and rocky, but the view at the top makes it all worthwhile.

The right gear is essential to a good hike. Strong, sturdy sneakers or boots are a must. Depending on the season, you should bring bug spray, and wear long pants and long socks to protect yourself against ticks and harmful plants like poison ivy.

Make sure you have a bottle or two of water; you’ll definitely be getting thirsty! Taking a few snacks such as trail mix, a granola bar, or fresh fruit would be a good idea. These snacks will help replenish your energy level.

A small first aid kit should also be in your hiking backpack. You never know when you’re going to fall or scrape something, and you don’t want it to get dirty and infected.

For more information on hiking in Western Massachusetts visit

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Audrey Pilon, Staff Writer
The name is Audrey, but her friends call her Auds. You will find her out at the track behind LHS, or in the woods riding her horse. By day, she rips it up on her ripstick; it’s like a skateboard but not quite. But by night, she throws on the glitter and goes ke$ha. Six out of seven days of the week, Audrey rocks the tie dye hippie look. She values music like the air she breathes. Give her a Nikon camera and watch her go; photography is her passion.You could say that she’s different than most, definitely not a follower. People call her crazy, a little wild and deranged. But why would anyone want to go through life unnoticed? Audrey is very determined and stubborn, biased at times but still open minded. She will do anything for her family, friends, and her horses. One of her favorite quotes is “Fear cannot touch me, it can only taunt me; it cannot take me..”

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