Class of 2012 Graduate Profile; Mackenzie Foye

Class of 2012 Graduate Profile; Mackenzie Foye

Juliana Cavallini, Staff Writer

Senior Mackenzie Foye has recently been accepted to UMASS Dartmouth. Foye’s major will be nursing and she’ll also continue playing soccer at the DIII level.

Foye has a strong head on her shoulders and is excited to start having her own freedom to prove that to herself and those around her. After she completes school she plans to have a steady job for a couple years and hopefully start a family.

“Hmm, there’s not many things I’ll miss about LHS. Actually, I’ll miss getting hot lunch everyday.”

Foye indeed does love the hot lunch, she gets it every single day.

Foye’s most memorable moments in high school all involve being on the girls varsity soccer team.

Foye was asked who she would bring with her to UMASS if she could bring one person. It took her less than a milisecond to confidently answer “Allie Anselmo”

Anselmo and Foye have been best friends since elementary school.

Foye has mixed feeling about a certain college subject. Meeting all new people. It’s extremely exciting but, terrifying at the same time.

Good luck Mackenzie on your journey that’s exactly two hours four minutes and 105.77 miles away from home. All of us know that you’ll make your peers friends and family proud!