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Chris Scagliarini: One Inspirational Guy


When thinking of someone that best represents Ludlow High school, one couldn’t think of anyone better than the senior class president, Chris Scagliarini.  Already accepted to his first college, Chris ‘Scags’ has taken charge of our school government but also varsity soccer.

Scagliarini is the closest thing to the definition of Ludlow High School’s school spirit.  There’s always a sign of leadership in the way he presents himself and he always offers a warming smile.  After all, he is the senior class president.

“I wanted to be class president because I felt like I had the initiative to really try and make the four short years of high school that we have together the best they could be,” says Scags.

And that’s exactly what he does.  Chris Scags is “responsible and dedicated,” says senior Davis Horgan, “he’s nice to everyone [and there’s] not a single person he wouldn’t help if he got a chance.”

He is the type of student to show up to school in a suit, just for the hell of it.

Scags is one of the most unique kids you’ll ever meet, says senior Wes Nelson.  “No one does what he does.”

However, Scagliarini doesn’t just do this for attention.

“I just love the support and recognition we get from everyone in school and also the community,” says Scags.

When not in school, Chris Scagliarini is running the soccer field.  He drives the ball successfully up and down the left side of the field, says fellow senior team-mate Greg Santos.  “[He’s] a great asset to the team.”

“Soccer has also kept me practicing good work ethic throughout the years which I think helped me develop as a person,” says Scags.

Not only should Ludlow varsity soccer be lucky to have Scags, but so should the college he chooses to attend.  And with his first acceptance letter from Wilkes University in PA in hand, Chris Scagliarini is heading in the right direction.

“I was really excited when I received my letter. I don’t know if I’ll go there or not but its one of my top three schools I have. When I first read it I instantly got a big smile on my face because it felt good to finally see results from the work that I found meaningless until that point in time.”

Spanish teacher Senora Kopczynski believes that Scagliarini has been nothing but a pleasure and when he “goes to college he’ll really pull through and be really successful.”

This is one student that won’t be ending the year on a bad note; he’ll be setting the standards high for every senior class president/varsity soccer player/classy guy that comes after him.

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