Cormier releases anticipated mixtape

Cormier releases anticipated mixtape

Greg Santos, Staff Writer

Whether it be Lil’ Gregger or the Realist, you probably know who he is.

“I’ve always liked rhyming, it all started in the third grade talent show, when I wrote my first rap,” says senior Greg Cormier.

Lil’ Gregger started his high school rap career with his first mixtape “Call from Nasa” which dropped on his birthday last summer. From there, he began working on his next project, “Real Talk.”

With this new mixtape came a new rapper name of “The Realist.”

” I wanted to change my name temporarily for this mixtape because it just fit with the title and Lil’ Gregger wouldn’t be taken serious enough.”

When asked about the reason for choosing “Real Talk” as the mixtape title, The Realist claimed that each song is based on real events that happened throughout high school.

For example, the track number 7, “Party in Ludlow,” relates to the ideal party situation for an average high school kid: “Every party is the same routine / its an ordinary weekend for an ordinary teen… / If life was a movie we’d party in every scene.”

Track number 14, “Call Me Maybe” remix was the biggest hit on the CD: “I know I’m moving fast but it’s worth a shot / I could leave now girl but I’d rather not.”

Cormier said he added his own verse to Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop song because “I wanted to remix this song because I wanted to put a guy’s perspective on it. The whole point of the song is that she meets a guy and gives him her number and says ‘call me maybe,’ and so I add the voice of the guy who got the number.”

With #Realtalk trending on Twitter the release of the mixtape was hyped up. “Real Talk” dropped on April 10. “My hard work paid off, and I sold about 70 cds.”

The mixtape has many featured people on it as well. It features senior Ryan Gola, DJ Marvelous (senior Mario Nascimento), A-bomb (sophomore Adrian Archuleta), and was produced by senior Stephen Hensley. With Real Talk buzzing through school, the Realist held his first live performance after prom at senior Wes Nelson’s house.

The Realist looks to change his name back to Gregger. “Gregger is just what I’m used to everyone calling me and it flows off the tongue a lot easier,” says Cormier.

“Gregger” looks to release another mixtape for free by the end of this upcoming summer. For now, “Real Talk” is for sale for $4.

“Gregger” looks to continue his rapping career even after high school. While attending Franklin Pierce University next year, he will be taking a Music and Film course, and will still keep recording new music.