Senior Show Review

Class of 2023 Presents: The Slacker Show


Allison Kehoe, Staff Writer

The Senior Slacker Show this year was a smashing success, with parents and students alike coming to see the performance. For those of you who unfortunately did not get to see the show, here are some highlights.


The first skit of the show was in a commonplace of the high school—the hallways. The skit showed what the halls look like day-to-day. There was some PDA, as well as loads of people in the bathroom vaping, and only those not participating in the rule-breaking getting in trouble. (Disclaimer: there was no actual PDA or vaping happening onstage.) This skit was making fun of the not-so-pleasant happenings of our halls, and I think that the seniors did a great job of showcasing that.

Another skit, which had two segments, since it happened twice, was a janitor (Roniel Taveras), finding the bat in our school. The janitor was then chased by the bat both times, but the second time, the janitor fought back in a batman costume. This was especially funny to me, considering I had been one of the first to see the bat a second time, as well as write the articles about it.


A yearly occurrence at the senior shows is having many different teachers showcased during the skits. One teacher who has been showcased in the past two years is Mr. Walsh (Torcato Zina). He was showcased in multiple different skits, some being him during class, and others of him on the track. Mr. Walsh’s love for running and track has been seen in the senior show many times, and I think that shows the overall impact he has on all of the students at LHS, whether they’ve had him as a teacher or not.


There were also many comedic skits during the show, but one of my favorites was the “Miss Ludlow Universe Pageant,” which consisted of three different intervals. During the first segment, the ‘ladies,’ played by some male seniors (Emre Karaakslan, Ryan Cruz, Jalen Camacho Dantas, and Luke Afonso),  introduced themselves, as well as answered some stereotypical pageant questions in different hilarious ways. The second segment had the ‘ladies’ showcase some of their talents, which were also very comedic. The third segment included audience participation, which I very much enjoyed, and had the audience choose who was the winner of the pageant. I think that this skit was very funny, and continuously makes fun of pageants as well as gives the audience silly characters to root for.


The show ended with an homage to “The Breakfast Club,” an eighties movie about students from different walks of life coming together during a Saturday detention. As a big fan of eighties movies myself, I was overjoyed to see this. Some seniors came out as the five main characters in the movie, and the ‘nerd,’ who wrote the letter in the original movie, read the letter that the seniors had written to the school. I loved this homage to the classic movie, and I enjoyed the resemblance of the letter to the one from the movie.


There were many more skits in the show, but these few were some of the ones that impacted me the most. The entire senior show gives me, as a junior, a ton of excitement about going into senior year and being able to participate in these fun activities myself next year. I’m so happy that the seniors are enjoying their experiences and are able to showcase their talents and excitement to the underclassmen.