Harry’s House Review


Riley Londraville, Guest Writer

Harry Styles released his third album, on May 20th of 2022: Harry’s House. Many of his fans had speculated that this would be a rock album as he had dabbled in that genre a bit in his past albums and especially in his unreleased music, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for what he had in store.

While it’s far from rock, it’s definitely an amazing album which is precisely why I decided to go through and create the perfect circumstances under which you should listen to these songs (albeit some of them are quite literally impossible because of time travel). 

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

If I’m being honest, which I can confidently say I am, I hated this song at first listen. After a few more streams I’ve come to love its catchiness and upbeat feel. It has a jazz kind of vibe with the scatting vocals in the background accompanied with Ivan Jackson on the trumpet. It truly feels like you should be partying it up at a speakeasy in the 20s when listening to this song. The flappers dance and you can’t help but tap your foot along with them, enjoying your newfound freedom. This thrilling sensation mimics the pure joy of this song.


Late Night Talking

Something about this album just makes it feel like it’s not from this time period. While the use of an electric keyboard isn’t present in the instrument list for this track, perhaps it’s the synthesizer that creates the strong electric sound giving an 80s feel. Plug this into a Walkman and dance around your bedroom thinking about that one person you can’t get off your mind, and then you’ve experienced this song the right way.



From the whispering at the beginning, to muffled sound over the vocals, this track is more genuine and romantic than the rest. It deserves to be played in the background of a romantic dinner, the soft piano filling in the awkward silence of the first-date conversations and not being able to tell whether it’s the nerves or the warmth of the fire making you blush.


As It Was

First off, love it. That being said it stands out, and I’m not sure if that is because it was released as a single before the album’s release or if it’s just that good. Honestly, judging by the fact that it’s already been a few weeks and I’m not sick of it — despite its radio exposure — I think it might just be that good. Speaking from countless experiences, this song needs to be listened to at full blast in the car with friends. All the windows have to be rolled down letting the wind ruin your hair and make you smile.



While this song is another slower one, it’s so happy and uplifting! The chorus is very catchy and regardless of whether you like it or not, it will be ingrained in your brain for at least 5-7 business days following your first listen. Picture this: a cute afternoon picnic with your soulmate or twin flame, whoever it is you’re laughing with them while the birds chirp in harmony with this song, that’s playing loudly over a portable speaker. I think the only thing that could make this scenario better would be a charcuterie board.


Little Freak 

First of all, this song is a masterpiece and no one can tell me otherwise. This is the type of song that should be playing in the car late at night when you’re parked in an empty lot alone, questioning your existence. The visor is down and the mirror is reflecting a face twisted in contemplation as you sit and overthink everything. Something about the instrumental portion of this song just feels this deep.




Yet another masterpiece and yet another somber song. Growing up and leaving for better things is a prominent theme throughout this song, so there’s many situations this would be a perfect song to listen to; however, there’s one that sticks out to me most. It’s the last day in your childhood home, and this song plays while packing up what remains of your bare bedroom in preparation for your first day of college. Leaving the only place you’ve known as home is hard, but you know that moving on is for the better and will lead to your success. This song is a favorite of mine and it seems to be popular among most that have listened to the full album as well.



Surprise! Another song that gives off vibes from a different time period. This one’s pretty groovy so I’m feeling 70s, maybe early 80s. Whatever it is, it’s enjoyable and fun. I can picture this playing at a rollerskating rink. The walls are covered with bright colors, glitter dancing across them as the disco ball turns. The air is filled with entertainment and young love as you skate around smiling genuinely.



There it is again! That trumpet is such a creative touch it frills up both this song and “Music For A Sushi Restaurant.” Dancing in the kitchen at 1a.m. — preferably with the love of your life — is the only valid reaction to hearing this song. When the refrigerator is the only light source and the both of you are trying not to wake anyone with the creaking floorboards. Nevertheless, this isn’t a slow dance type beat. This is a classic “dance-like-nobody’s-watching” cliche.


Keep Driving 

Despite the fact that this song makes me hungry, I love this one and think it’s pretty underrated. This song would play as you look through the photos highlighting the best times of summer. The film photographs make you feel nostalgic for the moments in spite of their recency. You can practically feel the salty breeze from the group photo at the beach and taste the fried dough you ate as your friend captured the moment: your fondest memories now frozen in time.



 I’m absolutely living for Styles’ use of his falsetto in this whole album, but especially in this song. There’s only one answer for the ideal circumstance for Satellite: none other than a childhood friends to lovers trope. This song plays throughout your childhood while you fall in love with the kid that sat next to you on the bus and walked you home from the stop. The same kid that will end up being your high school sweetheart. The same kid that you’ll one day meet at the end of the aisle. 



I full-heartedly adore the vocals and instrumental that’s played backwards at the beginning of this song. It’s such a unique move as an artist. This track is pretty relatable for many in relationships who feel as though they give more than they get. When you feel as though your relationship is one-sided and they don’t care nearly as much as you. When you love them more than anyone in the world but feel as though they don’t feel the same. Listen to this song for some clarity. Styles is really trying to help you out in this track, aiming to give you some self respect.


Love Of My Life

Can we all just collectively take a quick second to give appreciation to his runs and trills in this song. One word: perfect. This track would be the one to ironically play when you’re cleaning up your room only to find something your ex accidentally left behind. Cue the reminiscing. You know that it was just an unfortunate case of the right person at the wrong time, and that in the end you’ll cross paths. It’s meant to be.


While writing these very unrealistic scenarios I realized that love is such a prominent staple of this album. Whether that’s self love, platonic love, or romantic love, is dependent on the song — sometimes it’s even up for interpretation. I truly enjoyed this album and how Styles finds a way to create depth through simplicity. Harry’s House is versatile and I sincerely believe there is something on this album for everyone.

So go listen for yourself and find that something for you.