Twitch streamer gives back to community


Gabrielle Gonsalves, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Towering at an impressive six-foot-six, sporting a pair of sunglasses and a half-black, half-white mask, Ranboo is a Twitch streamer who has easily made a name for himself in just a year. His mysterious aura has drawn in an audience of almost 4 million people in size, and his welcoming nature has compelled people to keep watching his streams. 

Ranboo mainly streams Minecraft but also tends to stream other games. When possible, he even collaborates with his streamer friends. His community is such a positive one to be in, and he is always supporting good causes and celebrations of minority groups. 

Ever since his first stream on September 11, 2020, the passionate support from his community has only grown, and I presume it will continue to grow throughout the next few years. Coming from the bottom in such a short amount of time proves to people that anything can happen and that if you truly enjoy something you should stick with it until the end.

With so much support and a large community, it’s easy to get your followers to also show support for a cause you’re passionate about. Ranboo has used this to his advantage twice by doing two charity streams: one with proceeds to the Trevor Project in February 2021 and more recently one with proceeds to Charity: Water in August 2021.

Through both, he and his community were able to raise close to $500,000. During the August stream, in which he streamed for 16 hours, Ranboo managed to earn the slot of the most subscribed channel on Twitch with over 116,000 subscribers, breaking his own previous record. Ranboo’s community was so excited for this: “From start to finish, Ranboo’s viewers continued to subscribe and donate to the cause, with him receiving over 25,000 new subs just over three hours into the stream” (Garton). Looking back to his first charity stream, it’s remarkable to see the growth. Garton adds “It was only back in February of 2021 that Ranboo and his fans raised over $100,000 for the Trevor Project, so it’s incredible that he’s managed to raise three times that amount in this subathon” (Garton).

 To think that at most 11 months prior, he was only just starting out with streaming, and now he still continues to stream for his community almost every day proves dedication, not just to streaming but to anything he does in general.

A good streamer doesn’t come without an equally-as-amazing community, and Ranboo and his followers are no different. Ranboo starts his streams with an enthusiastic gasp and an upbeat “hi chat!”. His chat will always be excited for a stream, no matter if he’s streaming Minecraft or another game, or if he is streaming with his friends or alone. 

You can see through the charity streams how much his community cares and how much they want to support Ranboo and the causes he is passionate about. Ranboo expresses his thoughts on his main Twitter account, tweeting “Together we were able to raise around 325000 dollars. That’s funding about 32 entire communities to have clean water” (@ranboosaysstuff). Upon seeing this, Charity Water expressed their thanks: “We’re completely blown away by the support of the #Ranboo community” (@charitywater). Even other companies and organizations recognize how tightly knit the community of Ranboo fans is.

I myself, as a member of Ranboo’s ever-growing community, have witnessed this ongoing support firsthand ever since the first stream I watched of his. With the endless support of millions, it makes it so easy to keep doing what you love, especially when what you love helps improve the daily lives of said millions.

Ranboo’s efforts towards streaming and everything surrounding it are never hidden. He cares so much about the well-being of his chat, and everyone around the world. It’s hard to quit something you love, and Ranboo shows no sign of quitting anytime soon.