Patriot’s Day: A Must-See for Americans

Patriots Day: A Must-See for Americans

Sarah Stephenson, Editor-In-Chief

Over the weekend I went to see Patriot’s Day, a movie based on the Boston Marathon bombing. I was skeptical at first because I thought that it could easily have been poorly done. I thought it would come across as disrespectful with Hollywood monopolizing off another tragedy. I was wrong. Very wrong.

The movie starts by introducing the main players in the movie, including some police officers and some survivors. It really humanized the people affected by this situation, it helped create a connection with the characters. Most importantly, they continued by introducing the bombers. I think the one thing everyone wants to know is how they act, we all know it was terrorism but no one knows anything else about them. According to the movie it seemed like the older brother influenced the younger one and the two had a constant power struggle. For the younger one it didn’t even seem like it was about the terrorism, it was more about acceptance from his brother.

After the introductions it’s time for the race, and even though we all know what happened it still felt oddly unexpected. When the blasts went off I saw many, including myself, jump from our seats. They mixed in real video footage with a fake blast, it was well done. Tears started pouring the second the bombs went off for many people in the theater. Close ups of people with their limbs blown off and in pure pain and shock really made watchers sympathize with the victims. It was heart-breaking how in an instant everyone’s happiness was turned into terror.

The movie followed how the Boston police and the FBI worked together. They made it clear that they were working so hard because not only do the bombers need to be served justice, but the city of Boston deserved answers. Boston is really community oriented and I think that affected how the police worked on this investigation. They acted as if they didn’t just do this to the people at the marathon but they bombed the whole city. As a resident of Massachusetts, this aspect of the movie made me emotional because it shows how united we are when have to be, not just Massachusetts residents but the whole country.

Our nation has been known for our divisions but in times of tragedy Americans really band together because if there is one thing we can all agree on is our dislike for terrorism. I wish that it didn’t take tragedy to connect Americans. That is why everyone should watch this, it reminds you of the good things about being an American.

This movie made me feel even more confident with my aspiration to work on the government. I want to be apart of the solution, not the problem. We have democracy for a reason, we need to utilize this freedom by participating on government instead of tweeting about it. Maybe I’m too young but I believe in this country and the good things it has to offer.

Overall everyone should watch this insightful, respectable tribute to the Boston Marathon bombing. For once, I believe Hollywood didn’t do something just for the money. This is one of their best contributions to the American people yet.