Netflix pick of the week: Gilmore Girls

Netflix pick of the week: Gilmore Girls

Vanessa Medina, Arts & Entertainment Editor

This weekend I’ve spent a great deal watching Gilmore Girls. Yes, it may be considered “old” (the first season aired in 2000) but I must admit I’m hooked. It’s perfect, despite the turtlenecks, and guys whose hair is a modge-podge between Justin Bieber and NSYNC. The characters are witty and sarcastic, and so relatable it hurts. This show is worth every episode and all seven seasons are on Netflix; can you say marathon? For the past two weeks, I’ve grabbed a pound of Sour Patch Kids and binged on this T.V. staple whenever possible

The show follows Lorelai and “Rory” Gilmore, a mother-daughter duo who are more like sisters or best friends.The time is the early 2000s and they reside in a fictional town called Stars Hollow, Connecticut — a sleepy town just outside of Hartford where Lorelai and Rory have been living for sixteen years. They’ve been residing there since Lorelai fled from her lavish lifestyle in Hartford  when she found herself sixteen and pregnant with Rory. The crazy cast of characters can’t be beat.

There’s Sookie St.James, the food-obsessed, scatterbrained, klutzy, chef and best friend of Lorelai. They work together at the Independence Inn along with Michel Gerard, a cynical, French concierge. On total opposite ends of the spectrum, Sookie and Michel balance out Lorelai and keep her level-headed. There’s also Luke Danes who owns the local coffee shop and diner where Lorelai and Rory spend tons of their time finding their caffeine fix (long before Starbucks populated the east coast).  Luke and Lorelai are always there for eachother, and it’s the best guy-friend relationship most strive for.

Then there’s Lane Kim, Rory’s best friend. Lane’s strict Korean mother owns an antique store in town, and her harsh rules force Lane to hide her eclectic musical taste. On the other hand is Rory’s nemesis Paris Geller, whose rooted against Rory to beat her at everything she tries to do especially her dreams of attending Harvard University.

There’s also a slew of eye candy, which can never hurt. The guys include newcomer to town Dean Forrester and Luke’s nephew Jess Mariano. Gilmore Girls gets two thumbs up in the romance department (but hey I’m a sap so what do I know?)

Rory has it all, she’s super smart, pretty, has the attention of any guy she wants, but somehow floats above it all, never conceded or snobby, and with a mom who’s more like a best friend. Rory is living the life most girls can only dream of. It’s a perfect life when you’re a Gilmore and it feels like you know these characters so well, so settle in for seven seasons of sarcastic comedic timing and lots of girl talk, because you can’t miss Gilmore Girls.