Frozen Sweeps the Hearts of Teens


Felicia Robare, Staff Writer

Has everyone heard about the latest obsession with the newest children’s movie, Frozen?

I mean it’s a good movie and all but I think everyone is going a bit crazy about it, considering you guys are teenagers and adults.

At first, I wasn’t able to picture myself watching a little kids movie but one of my friends was talking to me about it and she said she saw it and it turned out being the best movie in the world. So I figured I should check it out.

“It’s just a really great movie,” says Casey Picard, an obsessed freshman, “and no matter how many times I watch it I’ll never get sick of it.”

That night I went to the movies with a few friends and we saw it. The movie is amazing. It teaches little kids about love, hope, and courage. It teaches the kids to fight for what is important and it includes humor that not only little kids will like and understand, teens and adults laugh at it too.

It’s not only teenage girls that are getting hooked on the movie, when I went to the theaters there were many teenage boys there too. Even in school, there are so many students that are singing and dancing along to the songs.

The movies’ songs become extremely addictive where they get stuck in your head .  You keep singing them and singing them.

“It has probably the best soundtrack for a Disney movies I love every single song on the soundtrack,” says Picard. “I knew all the songs before I had seen the actual movie.”

All throughout class, all I hear are the different songs. I myself have become addicted to the movie and watched it every day for a week now.

So I’ve heard that some of the girls at school are getting the Frozen Prom Dress.

Honestly, it’s pretty and all but that might be going a little bit overboard. And what about the other girls getting the dress? Then you will match them too.

“I think that’s so cool that people are going all crazy about the movie. I would probably do the same. I think it’s pretty amazing how a movie has that effect on people.”  says Picard. “But I mean if I had the same dress as someone I would find that really cool and go up to them and say something like ‘Hey!’ two great minds think alike!’ But I mean that is just me, and I’m weird.”

But isn’t it awkward if you have the same prom dress as someone else, at the same dance? I mean I would probably be really upset and like hide in the bathroom.

I’m even hearing about some people dying their hair platinum to look like Elsa’s? No offense but that is a little weird. Like, you are you; why would you dye your hair to match a children’s movie characters’ hair color and style?

Don’t even get me started on Olaf. OH MY GOD! He is so cute.

Sorry that was a fangirling moment, but really, who doesn’t love Olaf? He is a talking snowman! And he does love warm hugs and summer, and while he doesn’t know what happens, until the end, he is still amazing.

He makes three-quarters of the movie; he is so funny when he thinks Sven the reindeer likes him. Poor Olaf doesn’t even realize that Sven is just trying to eat his carrot nose. Also, Olaf cannot feel his legs. Honestly, who doesn’t love Olaf?

And I have to admit I really liked Sven and the trolls too, I’ve always had a thing for the weirder things in movie. If you don’t know who they are then get your butt to the movie theater now and go watch Frozen.


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