Fall fashion takes a turn for the worst at LHS


Zoe Vital, Staff Writer

As the leaves change for fall, the fashion at LHS seems to be changing too. With the temperature dropping, students come into school bundled up in layers, trading in their flip flops for boots and shorts in for leggings and jeans. However, with a change of season and fashion trends there are bound to be do’s and don’ts.

We all know or have seen someone walking around school in a brand new pair of sequined Uggs. For some odd reason these students have forgotten they are in high school not preschool. Sequined Uggs do not match anything and never will no matter how hard you try. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and get rid of them, I assure you they will not be missed.

If you are truly determined to get a hint of sparkle into your boot collection try a pair of frosted Ugg boots. The frost adds a little sparkle without making your feet look like a kindergarten art class threw up on them.

Along the same lines is the newfound fetish for leggings with the galaxy pattern. Just because trendy celebrities are getting payed to wear them in magazines does not mean you should wear them for free. They never have and never will be cute. At this point I’m waiting for kids to start dressing as planets so we can call our school a space museum.

There really isn’t any alternative to include this pattern into your wardrobe, it’s ugly in all aspects of clothing. Try other patterns or just a solid color that’s much more flattering on you. You don’t have to follow a trend to look good. It’s better to look good in your own style that looks like everyone else.

Last on the list isn’t necessarily a particular article of clothing, but more of a fashion statement in general. It’s the mix of bedtime, meets summer, meets Bob the Builder. It’s not trendy, it’s not cute, it’s not anything but ugly. I apologize if you think you look really cute rocking the fake Timberlands with your Cookie Monster pj’s but it’s not flattering.

Summer was over months ago and it’s time to retire tank tops for the season. Wearing a tank top in the winter is bad enough but when you pair it with your favorite pair of pajamas it becomes a problem. Not only does it break dress code but it makes you look like you rolled out of bed everyday. That’s not the image you want to present to the world. Granted everyone has days were they woke up late, at least take the time to put on sweatpants.

As if the tank top and pj look wasn’t already unflattering to everyone around you, when the pjs and tank top are paired with construction boots, you’re doing it wrong. Construction boots have their name because they are supposed to be worn by construction workers not a high school student in their pajamas.