Tumblr: the new fad

Alexandria Albano, Staff Writer

New boyfriend? Why don’t you go and blog about it on Tumblr? How about no boyfriend? Well, why don’t you go and blog a few “forever alone” pictures on Tumblr? Why complain about your life on Facebook when you could blog about it on Tumblr using images and more than just one status update?

Tumblr is not just a site, it is the site, but what makes it so much better than the ever-so-famous Facebook? On Facebook you can post a status or upload a picture of what you did over the weekend or write on your friend’s wall or stalk that kid from your chemistry class, but what about Tumblr?

Tumblr, the only place where you are not judged on what you say or blog, is a place where more and more people are gathering to express themselves and represent themselves through the images that they blog or reblog. On Tumblr you can just be yourself; people seem to understand why you’re blogging..

One of the nicest things about Tumblr is that you can follow who you want to follow and many of your followers share the same ideas as you do. Your followers are not all your friends off of Facebook which makes it nice that you can blog whatever you’d like without everyone from your school knowing about your life’s entirety.

If you complain about your life on Tumblr most people will not judge you and they will simply sympathize with you and understand why you are blogging what you’re blogging. Facebook users on the other hand will label you as a complainer who needs to keep their life to themselves.

Many tumblr users seem to sport a theme to their blog or blogs. Fashion, beauty, surfing, quotes, and hipster blogs seems to be the most prominent of the themes that users seem to be taking on.

“I own a vintage blog on Tumblr and vintage things is all I post, but I have my personal blog as well,” senior Haley Carroll states, “I’m not Tumblr famous but my followers seem to love my blogs.”

If you have a Tumblr then you’ve seen the word ‘tumblr famous’ thrown around on blogs or just spoken about on the site. What does being tumblr famous really mean? It really only means that you have a few thousand or so people following you and that you must spend your day reblogging and blogging pictures all day rather than having any outside contact from the world.

A few of the most popular blogs on tumblr are: all-thats-interesting.tumblr.com,  superwhitegirlproblems.tumblr.com, teenagerposts.tumblr.com, and weliveinthepast.tumblr.com, follow them and you can have your daily dose of laughter and even your inspirational moments of the day.

“I like that it is uncensored teen thoughts,” junior Julianna Cameron says “I like unauthorized things.”

Many people would agree with Cameron’s statement because you really are free to do anything you please on tumblr, it’s like a sense of freedom.