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Earth Bound: A Ludlow band you don’t want to miss


Naturally, one would first notice the full, manly beard upon the strong facial structure of senior Davis Horgan when first introduced.

“I like the way I look with a beard more than without a beard, and it keeps me warm, and it’s also fun to play with sometimes,” says Horgan.

With guitar in hand, he’s completely transfixed with its sound.  Instantly, he produces a sound that jumps off the instrument and dances its way to kiss your ears.

Davis Horgan is the lead singer/guitarist in the band, Earth Bound.  Formally known as The Conceited, Horgan, along with guitarist/vocalist Stephen Hensley, bassist Cory Horgan, and drummer Nick Lapierre have decided to take a new turn.

“The music is more enjoyable,” says Davis, who has written all of the new material .  “[The common theme of the new songs] is an analysis of the human race, in one way or another.” 

Hensley describes the new sound as “feel-good music,” adding that the band has taken its new material and created something that is “unique” and “no single band” could mimic.

Lapierre agrees: “It sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard and people should come [listen].”


Laid back in his mother’s kitchen, Davis is joined by Hensley for a little chat about themselves and Earth Bound’s new movement.

The Cub: What is the new music like, what were some influences?

Davis Horgan: Say Anything and Dave Matthews

Stephen Hensley: Yeah Say Anything and Dave Matthews, Led Zeppelin, Boston

C: Who was the first artist you fell in love with?

D: Red Hot Chili Peppers

S: All Time Low

C: What’s your favorite song to play?

D: Woe by Say Anything

S: Track 2 on the new EP

C: What’s your goal for the band?

D: Establish a fan base and refine our live performances

Cory, known as “Little Horgan,” not only brings talent to the table, he brings his thoughts along for the ride.

Cory believes that playing with Earth Bound gives him the “chance to play with better musicians than I would have access to with kids my age.”

The young bassist takes his Justin Bieber swag and turns it into something that wouldn’t just attract rapidly screaming teenage-obsessed teens.

“Playing bass is pretty fun; it’s not too difficult,” said Cory.

One could check out Earth Bound at their upcoming show on Nov. 26.  The show will be held at 1 Ames Hill Road in Springfield, MA at the old MacDuffie campus.  Downtown Crossing, Drew, and the Grand Spectacular will accompany Earth Bound from 6 to 9 p.m.  For more ticket information see one of the band members.

“Writing [this EP] has been like making an idea a puzzle and as you slowly fit the pieces into it, it makes a picture,” says Davis.

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