Grey’s Anatomy returns for eighth season

Alexandria Albano, Staff writer

Finally, the anticipated eighth season of Grey’s Anatomy has begun.

Last season went out with a bang when word of Meredith’s dishonesty in Derek’s clinical trial spread around. As Derek becomes aware of this, he leaves Meredith alone with Zola to care for. Will this split be for good or is this only temporary?

Three episodes in to the new season and it seems as if Derek does not want to take any interest into Meredith for the time being. Due to the split, Zola has been taken away from her new parents because, as of right now, it is considered a broken home due to the split.

Owen and Christina have resolved their conflict with Christina’s decision to go through with an abortion, and Owen is back at her side once again being the loyal husband he’s known to be.

On top of it all, Chief Webber has just informed the residents that he will be resigning from Chief of Surgery and handing it down to Dr. Hunt.

Will this season be a total disaster for Meredith and Derek? Will Zola soon be back in the arms of her loving parents? Will Hunt be able to withstand the high expectations of being Chief of Surgery?

I guess you’ll just have to keep watching in order to find your answers.