“Watch The Throne” makes statement

Watch The Throne album cover

Watch The Throne album cover

Greg Cormier, Editorial Editor

“Watch the Throne” is a collaborative album of Kanye West and Jay Z. The album, released Aug. 8, has sold close to one million copies. The only recent album to out-sell it is Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter 4.”

“Watch the Throne” is a quality album that could end up legendary. Jay Z is considered the father of rap of this present day, and Kanye West is still on the rise.

This album gives you a look into the lives of Jay Z and Kanye, as they talk about their rags to riches stories. The album is made up of various classics, and then the rap sensations put their own spins on the beats to prove how they themselves are now considered on the same musical level.

One song, “Otis,” was the first single hit from the album, and it samples Otis Redding’s 1966 song, “Try a Little Tenderness.”

Other songs, such as “Made in America,” discuss Jay Z and Kanye’s rises to fame. They discuss their inspirations and the people who helped them.

Kanye West and Jay Z could very well be considered some of the greatest rappers of all time. This album truly makes a statement.

For only $13.99, who wouldn’t want to witness history? Jay Z and Kanye West are considered to be the Tupac and Biggie of our era. This album has the proof to back that statement up.

I give this album 5 stars. The dynamic duo of these two artists is truly remarkable. As you “Watch the Throne,” be sure to watch your jaw drop.