Volleyball marathon spikes into LHS tonight


Team members from various volleyball marathon teams show off their shirts.

Haley Buck, Staff Writer

Volleyball Marathon is today Mar. 2 at 5 p.m. in the Ludlow High School gymnasium with a total of 36 teams competing against each other.

Each team will participate in approximately ten games each lasting nine minutes. The winner of the marathon will be declared by 7 a.m the following morning. Participants will be breathalyzed when entering the marathon and will again be tested at random. It is important to follow all school rules even though the marathon takes place after school hours.

This years director of the marathon, band teacher Mr. Kevin McAvoy, talked about what he is hoping for this year.

“I anticipate this year’s marathon will run just as smooth as it has in past years,” he said.  “The schedule is set, the teams are ready and there will be plenty of food for everyone.  As long as we stay on schedule things should go fine.”

Some team names that he found most unique including, Bumpkin Donuts, Victorious Secret, Set for Life and Orville Ready Blockers.

“Doing volleyball marathon for the third time in my high school career is really a great memory to hold on to. I’m mostly excited to spend an all nighter with my good friends, and enjoy the volleyball games,” said senior Ryan Gola.

First time volleyball participant  freshman Zoe Bryan-Nelson said she was excited to be  to playing volleyball and hanging out with all of her friends for the night and can’t wait till tonight.

“A special thank you goes out Chmura’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Pizza, Randall’s Farm and the many teachers and parents who donated food, prizes and time to this event,” said McAvoy, “It wouldn’t be possible without your help.”