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Shayla Costa
Shayla Costa is the senior with curly hair. She is not only noticable, but very approachable. Her attitude comes off as friendly and easy to talk to, with a slight portuguese accent mixed in. Her bubbly personality makes her exciting and funny just to be around. She enjoys reading magazines with a passion since she was little and dreams of becoming a writer for Glamour and Cosmo magazine. With that in mind, she also enjoys beauty related things like makeup and fashion, and spends her time watching videos by famous beauty gurus on Youtube. She has those times where she is easily stressed but she manages to get her work done in time, and occasionally copes with the stress by baking batches of cookies a week. She is a frequent worry wart but that does not show through at all when first meeting her. She is just a girly girl who is willing to talk to anyone and will ramble on about anything.

Shayla Costa, Staff Writer

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Shayla Costa