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Sara Moreau
This blue eyed girl is more then what you think.She's 4'9 and 80 pounds but don't underestimate her.Sara is a shy sweet girl.Laid back and very easy to get along with.Sara is a rock n roll type of gal but also likes a little country.She enjoys playing the guitar in her free time.She is in love with the outdoors and wishes she could live on a beach,literally. She loves junk food and burns every calorie within a second.Sara's a perfectionist when it comes to things.She always has to be organized unless she ends up a mess! She's a French girl who never visited France but one day will.Sara's favorite subject is English.She loves to write poems to express herself.Sara always wondered what she wanted to be until she had back surgery in July of 2010.Sara has become a better person since that time and also saw what doctors do.This gave sara alot more respect for doctors.Which Sara will become when she's out of school.You could find Sara watching Shark tank on the telivision every Friday.She reads all sorts of books she is deinitly a bookworm.Sara loves learning new things.She can't wait to write articles for The Cub.

Sara Moreau, Staff Writer

Nov 21, 2012
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Nov 21, 2012
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Sara Moreau