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Madelyn Ogorzalek
Madelyn Ogorzalek is a freshman at LHS. This is her first year writing for the cub. She enjoys writing almost anything, especially when she gets to express her opinion. She enjoys reading and painting, and would describe herself as artsy. Her favorite color is blue, because it reminds her of the ocean and the sky. Madelyn  enjoys being outdoors, but primarily hiking in the woods. She likes talking to her friends, and meeting new people. She likes English and History, but her favorite subject is definitely French, because she loves learning new languages. Madelyn has always wanted to travel to france, and anywhere else in the world. She loves music, but only if it comes from a musical. She wants to live in New York when she’s older, despite only going there four times. She’s extremely excited to start writing for

Madelyn Ogorzalek, Staff Writer

Oct 24, 2019
“It feels right”: Alum returns to Ludlow High as science teacher (Story)
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Madelyn Ogorzalek